It's not our job, it's our lifestyle

At Whale Kitesurf, we have several challenges, one of them is guiding you to discover your potential. We want you to understand the essence of this sport and what it will bring to your life.

We live kitesurfing as a lifestyle and want above all to transmit this passion to you…


Our instructors are certified by Akk. Besides adrenaline, we provide safety.


An incredible spot with clear shallow water, perfect for learning.

Kite Shop

We offer new and safe kitesurfing equipment for lessons and sales.

Learn by doing

Feeling safe is the main tool for you to progress.

That’s why we accompany you on this journey with top-quality equipment.

Our goal is for you to know and be part of this lifestyle called KITESURF.

Our courses


Kite Experience

4-hour experience to get you hooked!



Learn to be an independent rider, body drag, body board, and then with the board!

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Whale Hour

Want to continue learning kitesurfing? Enjoy an hour of pure adrenaline.

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Whale Kitesurf

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Learn Kitesurfing, have fun like never before and discover the satisfaction of sailing like a true rider with Whale Kitesurf, your kitesurfing school in Puerto Madryn.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have some knowledge and skills about this sport, at Whale Kitesurf, we can help you feel the adrenaline of sailing in Patagonia!

The Spot

In Puerto Madryn, Chubut, we have one of the best spots in Patagonia. Clear water, shallow depth perfect for learning this beautiful sport. And as a bonus, from June to December, in the company of whales!

Who Am I?

I’m Facundo Ramirez, my whole life has been linked to sports and physical activity until it became my profession. I’m a physical education teacher and kitesurfing instructor.

Your own equipment

At Whale Kitesurf, we advise you on purchasing your equipment so you can enjoy this sport 100%.

After finishing your course, you get discounts on purchasing your brand-new equipment.


Think Less and Feel More

Don't wait any longer to enjoy this sport!


At Whale Kitesurf, we advise you on purchasing your equipment so you can enjoy this sport 100%.


Kite experience

This is a great start if you want to try and discover what kitesurfing is all about. You’ll learn safety maneuvers, how to assemble, transport, and store the kite. You’ll have your first contact with the kite in the water to feel the adrenaline and excitement of this sport.

If you then decide to continue with the “Navigating” course within the next two weeks, you’ll only pay the difference with the “Kite Experience” course.

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Beginner’s Course. This is the most popular option for beginners and usually lasts 10 – 12 hours. During this course, you’ll learn all the safety measures, kite assembly, kite flying, body drag, all the way to the Water Start. 

By the end of this course, you should be able to cover short distances in both directions.

Whale hour

You already know how to go in both directions, but do you want to progress and aren’t sure what’s next? At Whale Kitesurf, you’ll learn how to tack and change direction, sailing upwind, and even learn your first jumps!